By Soumitra Agarwal, Dr. Marianne Broadbent, Terry Veitch, Can Önen, Lee Brantingham, Julian Buckeridge (July 2017)

Executive Talent Mobility Across Industry Boundaries:

A Perspective from NGS Global

soumitra agarwal, dr. marianne broadbent, terry veitch, can Önen, lee brantingham, julian buckeridge (july 2017)

Intense competition in many industry sectors has had organizations look for fresh thinking that would potentially strengthen their competitive position and drive performance improvement. One approach that is slowly gaining acceptance in this context is the hiring of senior executive talent from outside the industry sector. While this approach has merits, the organization has to be patient and allow time for the new leader to deliver concrete outcomes. They can accelerate the executive’s success through a thoughtful and diligent onboarding program. Based on its experience hiring senior executives for Fortune 500 to emerging enterprises globally, NGS Global offers a perspective on the subject.

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