Executive Leadership SolutionsTM Process

We work collaboratively with clients to fully understand the nature and context of their executive leadership challenges. The optimal solution can involve a variety of types of support for an individual executive, an executive team, and/or an organization.

Regardless of the nature of support required, the process of engaging with NGS Global remains the same: We determine clients' true underlying needs to provide flexible, customized solutions that deliver sustainable results across the organization.

Individual-Team-Organization Image


leadership development

  • Executive search
  • Assimilation into new organizations/roles
  • 360° assessments
  • Leadership competency models
  • Coaching
  • Development plans
  • Leadership succession

team alignment

  • Team membership augmentation
  • Team development
  • Team building
  • Team assessments
  • Vision strategy development
  • Goal and action planning

organizational alignment

  • Human capital needs analysis
  • Cultural assessment
  • Goal alignment
  • Strategic planning
  • Learning processes
  • Mentoring systems
  • Performance systems
  • Internal communication strategies